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Things to do in Chennai

This beautiful capital city of Tamil Nadu is truly a ‘Gateway for South India’. Thriving with centuries-long culture, music and art Chennai is arguably one of the most visited South Indian cities in India. This bustling city is one of the four metropolitan cities that is situated on the eastern coast of South India which is also the 2nd longest coastline in the world. It is where t... he waters from the Bay of Bengal washes the shores of beaches in Tamil Nadu and thus offers spectacular beaches. There are some great beach camping near Chennai that is perfect for a weekend getaway from sprawling city. Apart from beaches, Chennai has a long history of being a colonial head of British and thus you will come across some interesting places to see in Chennai and some of it are ancient temples with a stunning Dravidian style of architecture and some are of Victorian architecture in the form of Churches and administrative buildings. 

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This beautiful city is one of the most attractive destinations in Tamil Nadu. Chennai is also the important entry point it has one of the most visited international airports in South India. There are thousands of tourists from all across the world visiting Tamil Nadu to explore the rich culture and architectural marvels of Temples in South India. There are some intriguing places to visit near Chennai, right from beaches to mangroves, ancient temples towns to French colonies, Chennai has it all. Chennai is also a popular destination for medical tourism, where people from all over come here for world-class treatment. And if you are planning for cultural tourism and are looking to explore some beautiful ancient temples, Chennai is the right place to start.

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