Salher is a small village in Satana of Nasik district, It has is one of the popular forts in Maharashtra, for its rich history and amazing natural surroundings. It is also the highest fort in Sahyadri Mountains and second highest peak, after Kalsubai in Maharashtra. This fort has been a very important possession to Maratha. It had seen wars being fought here. Battle of Salher was fought during the times of Shivaji Maharaj when the Mughals attacked. It had seen many soldiers losing their lives, but Maratha was able to defeat the Mughals. For the longest time, it was under the control of Marathas, until it was captured by the British later on. Apart from historical events, the fort offers a spectacular as it stands tall in the mountains of Western Ghats.


Mulher village is situated at the foothill of Mulher fort. This Hillfort is a part of Sahyadri ranges in Nasik district of Maharashtra. The village can be traced back to the ages of Mahabharat when it was called Ratnapur. After being named as different names by various kings, it was during the rule of Bagul dynasty in the 14th century that it got named as Mulher Muth- means Sword handle. The fort offers a great view along with some fort remnants.

Trek Details

Salher Fort                                                                                                Mulher Fort

Heigh: 5400 feet                                                                                        Height: 4290 feet

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate                                                                Difficulty level: Moderate

Time is taken to ascend: 2 hour                                                              Time taken to ascend: 2 hour

Base village: Salherwadi/Waghambe                                                       Base village: Mulher village

Salher Fort

Climbing Salher Fort can be very fascinating, as there are 3 different start bases to this fort. But the ideal base point is either Salherwadi or Waghambe. Waghamber route is comparatively simpler as it is a regular path leading to the ridge between Salher and Salota Forts. It takes about 2 hours to get to the top of the fort. The route can be a little exhausting, please carry plenty of water.  As you reach the base of the fort, you will find rock-cut stairs leading to the entrance of the fort. The entrance doors and stairs are surprisingly intact. There are some huge caves carved in rocks. There is also a water tank with moss formed over. The view, however, it’s mind-blowing. It is some of the exhilarating experiences one can think of. You can set up your camp near caves.             

Mulher Fort

Mulher fort is at a distance of 2 km from the base village of Mulher. From the base village, there are two routes that can be taken to climb the fort. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Dhangarwadi from where the two routes split. One straight route and one route towards right. If you take the straight route, in 20 minutes, you reach Ganesh temple in Mulher machi. This simple route leads you to three entrances which are in almost in ruins. And if you go to the right, it is a longer route to Mulher machi. It takes 2 hours to reach Ganesh temple. This route will also lead to three entrances. However, in this route, you will come across another split where the route towards the right will lead to Hargad and the route towards the left to Mulher Fort. Places to see on the fort are Ganesh Temple, Someshwar Temple, Moti Tank, Rajwada and Ram- Laxman temple.

Best time to Visit: These forts are open throughout the year. However, the ideal time to visit would be October – February.

How to reach:  Nasik is the nearest big railway station to both the fort. You can hire a taxi or jeep from here. The distance to Salher from Nasik is 106 km and Mulher is at a distance of 123 km from Nasik.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Carry a lightly packed sack with a water bottle and protein bars
  • Carry a set of clothes for emergency
  • A good pair of shoe