Dermal Fort is an unexplored fort in Dhule region of Nasik District. This fort is nestled in the mountain ranges of Galna. Although nothing much is mentioned about this fort in History, this could have been strategically placed watchtower. Situated at the elevation of 3529 feet above sea level, this Hill fort built on the rugged terrains of Nasik district is an ideal getaway for the trekkers looking to explore.

Trek details

Height: 3529 feet

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

Time is taken to ascend: 2 hours

Base village: Tinghari

The trail to this fort starts from the base village Tinghari, which is at a distance of 5 km from Nampur.  At a glance, you would not be getting any visibility of the fort. As it is blocked by a huge hill from the village, you will have to take a left from this Hill. Taking left and walking through the rugged terrain will lead you to the Plateau. This stretch will take about an hour and a half to cross and once you reach the plateau, you will get the first sighting of the fort, as it is at the direct base to the Dermal Fort. You will come across a statue carved out of a 4 foot high stone and a dry lake. At this point, there are 2 routes to approach the entrance. One is a straight path which leads you to the southern gate of the fort. And the other route along the lake leads you to the Northern entrance. From here it would take approximately 30 mins to reach the top of the fort.

The route leading to the southern entrance is a bit muddy leads you to the ruined doors to the fort. As you enter, you will come across the fort remnants in ruins and rock-cut water cisterns. As you explore the entire area, you will come across many water tanks dug in the mud-covered in moss, some idols of Hanuman and Ganesh. Along with the statues, as you take the left, you will see a small cave dug and carved out of a stone. This can accommodate up to 3-5 people at a time.

It takes about an hour to explore the whole place.

Best time to visit: The fort is open all throughout the year. However, it is best to be avoided during the summer. Ideal time to visit this fort is during the months of June – February

Places to visit: These forts can also be planned if you are in this region. These are some of the offbeat trekkers’ paradise that needs some attention.

Pisol Fort, Kankrala Fort, Galna fort

How to reach: Nasik is the nearest railway station. Nasik to Tinghari is approximately 120 km and you can hire a taxi to Tinghari village. There is an option of taking a bus from Nasik to Nampur. From Nampur, the base village Tinghari is at a distance of 5 km.

Tips and Suggestions

  • Carry a lightly packed sack with a water bottle and a protein bar
  • Carry a set of emergency clothes
  • A good pair of shoe
  • If you are planning on camping in the cave, we advise you to not carry food inside the cave as it can attract rats.