Ravlya fort is one of the twin forts, the other twin being Javlya fort. Both these forts are located on a single plateau. These twin forts are at a distance of 45 km from Nasik in Maharashtra. These were strategically built on Khandesh and Nasik trade route. It was under the control of Mughals during Shah Jahan’s period. However, it was captured later on by Shivaji Maharaj. It was with the Marathas for the longest time, until the British captured. The stairs, walls and bastions of the fort were completely destroyed by the British, making ascending the fort a task.

Trek details

Height: 3600 feet

Difficulty level: Moderate - Hard

Time is taken to ascend: 1 hour

Base village: Babapur

The route from the base village is a 30-minute walk crossing Karvand jungle. This walks is one of the pleasant walks to encounter different birds and butterflies. After a half an hour walk, you will reach the base plateau of the fort. Earlier climbing Ravlya fort requires some rope climbing and rock climbing as the stairs and walls were ruined. However, the rocky patch now has an iron ladder that can be climbed with less effort. It takes another half an hour to reach the top of the Fort. There is nothing much left in the fort to see. All that is left is the ruins of fort remnants and water cisterns which are dried. It would take about 30 minutes to explore the whole fort with a good rest on the fort. However, the view from the top of the fort is simply breath-taking.

After the decent, you can set up your tents in the plateau. The next day you can plan of trekking to Javlya fort. It is comparatively less tough to climb for the trekkers. The trail to the fort is clear and has rock-cut steps leading to the fort. There are some fascinating rock-cut caves and water cisterns that are dried up. The view from Javlya fort is also marvellous. Once can see Dhodap Fort, Kanhergad and Indrai forts from here.

Best time to visit: The fort is open throughout the year. However, it is advisable to visit from September – February. When the weather is pleasant, all the surroundings get beautiful.

Places to visit nearby

Apart from Javlya fort, these are some of the forts that can be visited if you have some more time to trek some of these offbeat forts Markandya Fort, Dhodap Fort and Kanhergad.

How to reach: The Nearest railway station is Nasik. The base will is at a distance of 45 km from Nasik. There are regular ST buses plying from Nasik to the base village.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Carry a lightly packed sack with a water bottle and a protein bar
  • Carry a set of emergency clothes
  • A good pair of shoe