Ankai Fort is one of the ancient forts that can be traced back to 1000 years ago. This historic site presumably has been constructed during the times of Yadava dynasty. Subsequently, it has been passed on to and been under the control of many kingdoms such as Bahmani sultans, Mughals, Marathas and finally been captured by the British for a long time. Ankai Fort is elevated at the height of 3000 feet in Satmala ranges of Nasik district; it is geographically closer to Manmad. This natural beauty has been alluring offbeat travellers looking to explore the beautiful surrounding and fascinating history.

Trek Details

Height: 3000 feet

Difficulty: easy

Time is taken to ascend: 30 minutes

Base village: Ankai village

This ruined fort has become of the offbeat destinations for the trekkers looking to explore the ruined structures and the beautiful surrounding for picture-perfect. The trail starts from the base village Ankai. It takes about 30 min to climb this hill fort from the base. There are simple and wide stairs leading to the entrance of the fort. Even though the fort is in ruins, there are many things to explore here, there are some fascinating Hindu rock-cut temples, and one of the popular places is the holy pond with a Tulsi pot in the centre, a ruined structure of palace and the most popular Jain ancient caves. At the base of the fort, you will come across Jain caves, these fascinating caves have been dated back to 10 or 12 century. One cannot explain this historical marvel. It can only be experienced. There two levels to these caves, on the upper level there are five caves in good condition with Mahavir idols in good condition. There are some beautiful carving of lotus and many more in these caves. On the lower level, there are 2 caves with no idols. To explore the whole area, you might have to spend 2-2.5 hours

Places to visit nearby: Tankai Fort is a popular offbeat destination amongst trekkers; it is located at the adjacent hill to the Ankai fort. If you are finishing Ankai fort early, you can plan Tankai Fort the same day.

Best time to visit: Although the fort is open throughout the year, however, it has a very extreme climate during the summers. The ideal time, however, would be from October to February. Monsoon can be pleasant too, for nature lovers.

How to reach: Manmad is the closest railway station to the base village Ankai. From Manmad, Ankai village is at a distance of 8 km and it can be reached by taking local transportation.

Tips and suggestions

  • Carry a lightly packed sack with a water bottle and protein bar.
  • Carry a set of emergency clothes
  • A good pair of shoe